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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Post-Graduation, New Hope

Hello everyone! It's been very long time huh?! Ha ha ha.. Well, I just deleted few of my post because of many reason that I can't tell, but if you want to, I can tell you, just mail me, OK?! Lol

Oh well.. Few months ago I didn't come to my beloved blog, because of I had thesis project for three months, and it just finished on February 26th 2015,that was the date of my thesis defense and I passed it! Yeay! And on April 26th 2015, two months after my thesis defense, I attended my graduation, that was my second graduation since a years ago. Happy! Yeay! Lol

But.. I have something to tell. This is story about my-after-graduation-story, that confusing me for few days even weeks, but I have already had conclusion for it, another but, I need your advice too, if you don't mind, of course. He he he.. And here is my story.

To be honest, I'm happy with my second degree, but, I'm not really sure with it, with myself, precisely with my second degree. Why? I don't know for sure. But! Maybe the "main" reason is because I have a dream to continue my study abroad, I mean, I want to get my second and third degree abroad. My parents want me to continue to the third one abroad, and I just realized the I'm not ready for it, I mean, yes.. I already have my second degree, but if I want to continue my third one, I must have apply my future-dissertation idea to the university I want, and I have no idea, because of my "lack-of-knowledge". Well.. 100% is my fault because I don't really focused to study in only one subject, so for now, I'm not sure to continue to the third degree, even, I'm not ready for it. 

Then, someone (inside my head and my heart) told me an advice, that was "If you not ready to continue to your third one, why you don't take another your second degree abroad? Then you can get more chance to continue your third degree at the same university, right?". That words enlightening and reassuring me. At the next day, I told my parents that I want to take another second degree but abroad, then after that, I want to continue till my third one. They were slightly surprises with my decision, because they think that I wasting my time to retake second degree. I convince them with my problem that I need to apply to the university with my future-dissertation-idea and I don't have any idea for it, and thanks God, they allow me to retake my second degree with one condition that I have to take it seriously. And then I told my parents that I want to take language class to improve my foreign language (especially for my English) and also to help me to get my certificate of my proficiency in English (IELTS or TOEFL). And I told them too that I want to focused to get this chance, I mean, to get an opportunity to continue my study abroad, so I ask them to give me their permission that I would not be too focused on my career (for now, I don't have any job) or I would take a flexible job (teaching/lecturing) and then they give me their permission again, thanks to God, but also with conditions, I have to be more focus to catch my dream and take it more seriously, take more action, then I said "In shaa Allah, I will, please pray for me.". Alhamdulillah.

So, now until the time, I decided to focused on my dream, no matter what, I have to reach it and I have to catch it. Of course, with fight and pray. In shaa Allah, I will reach my dream and catching it, I will spread the happiness to my beloved family, and I will bring the light to this land. Hey world! Watch me grow and I will come to you!

Thank you for reading, sorry for my bad English, I expect the correction from you Friend. And don't forget to write down you critics and comments, every single your word is means to me. Thank you!

Qisthi Al Hazmi HR.
Junior Blogger; Dream catcher; (very) Junior Engineer; The Hunger


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